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Crisis Management and Governance in Tourism

Making EU tourism resilient


The Single Market Programme “Crisis Management and Governance in Tourism” project aims to improve the EU tourism ecosystem governance by making it more resilient and better prepared for resisting, managing and mitigating crises. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has paralysed the EU tourism sector, putting its ecosystem under unprecedented pressure and revealing weaknesses in the ecosystem’s crisis management capacity. Other smaller, shorter or more localised disruptions (e.g., the War in Ukraine) had already shown how deeply national or international crises impact the tourism ecosystem and unveiled some of the shortcomings of its governance system.

In light of this current context and in line with the EU Strategy for Sustainable Tourism 2020-2038, it is important to create crisis management mechanisms to ensure that the tourism sector is adequately prepared for future crises, as well as to support the tourism ecosystem by sharing best practices for crisis management and preparedness.

Call to establish a Reserve List

A first call for Expression of Interest, which closed on the 30 September of 2023, identified and selected 50 destinations from 18 countries, covering different levels (national, regional and local) and types of destinations (rural, urban, coastal, island and mountain), and 5 cross-border professional associations from different tourism ecosystem sectors. They have received free of charge advisory and assistance services to strengthen their resilience and crisis preparedness.

A new call for Expression of Interest opened to identify at least 14 entities across the EU and SMP countries – 10 destinations and 4 cross-border professional associations – to establish a Reserve List. The entities selected to the reserve list can be offered free of charge advisory and assistance services in case an originally selected service beneficiary frees its spot. The call was open until 15 December of 2023.

Services offered to the selected participants

The selected Service Beneficiaries (maximum 15 participants per beneficiary) had access to the Assistance Service Package delivered by high-level experts. Each Assistance Service Package include the following sessions (delivered by default in English or in another EU language if agreed between service beneficiaries and the expert):

  1. Initial Online Meeting
  2. In-Person Workshop (Only applicable to selected entities from the reserve list replacing a service beneficiary who has dropped out before the in-person workshop)
  3. Remote Advisory Sessions
  4. Continuous collection and analysis of feedback

More info

For further information on the contract, please contact:  ptdleismeatourismatdeloitte [dot] pt (ptdleismeatourism[at]deloitte[dot]pt)

Call for Expression of Interest to establish a Reserve List - Archive

Documents related to the call for Expression of Interest concluded on 15 Decemeber 2023:

Documents related to the call for Expression of Interest concluded on 30 September 2023: