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Affordable Housing Initiative

This call for proposals seeks to provide support, capacity building and networking for local industrial partnerships, with the ambition to pilot 100 lighthouse renovation districts under the Affordable Housing Initiative.


Publication date
15 July 2021 in!3Qjhbv
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
20 October 2021, 17:00 (CEST)


The call will set up one European Affordable Housing Consortium to support SMEs, including social enterprises, to collaborate with public authorities and (social) housing providers, in order to implement renovation projects targeting social and affordable housing, to upskill and reskill and integrate the latest digital, environmental and social innovative solutions targeting social and affordable housing and district renovation, and identify technology needs and developments. The consortium will facilitate the collaboration, networking, knowledge transfer and exchanges of best practices.

The consortium shall gather representatives of SMEs active in the sectors of social housing and construction, such as construction, electronics, renewables, housing associations and cooperatives, social rental agencies and companies, social services and healthcare, culture & creative industries together with representatives of public authorities, financial institutions and/or representatives of financial institutions. Public private partnerships should be the core of the consortium. Other  organizations, such as scaling-up support organizations, such as technology centers, science parks, research institutes, fab labs, (digital) innovation hubs, creative hubs, social service providers and recognized architects, SME intermediaries, and social economy stakeholders, associations of tenants and residents, can also be part of the consortium.

The consortium shall also disseminate successful projects and help identify opportunities and overcome challenges to renovation of social and affordable housing districts; it shall provide recommendations for sustainable financing, better regulation and standards to facilitate provision and renovation of social and affordable housing, which could build on previous recommendations and conclusions that were drawn by related European initiatives on housing and sustainable urban development, such as the Housing Partnership Action Plan under the Urban Agenda for the European Union.