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Call for proposalsClosed

Call for proposals for action grants to provide financial contributions to ADR Bodies and RAD Qualified Entities (SMP-CONS-2024-ADR-RAD)


Publication date
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
6 June 2024, 17:00 (CEST)


Call objectives

The objective of this Call for proposals is to facilitate consumers' access to effective and efficient alternative dispute resolution bodies compliant with Directive 2013/11/EU and to build the capacity of qualified entities to efficiently protect consumers’ collective interests pursuant to Directive (EU)2020/1828.

It aims to support concrete improvements in the following areas:

• Awareness-raising on ADR and/or representative actions.

• Protection of vulnerable consumers.

• Networking of Alternative Dispute Resolution entities and/or Qualified Entities at national and EU-wide levels.

• Capacity building, expertise of staff.

• Use of transparent and innovative digital tools, efficient case handling and good governance.

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants include Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Bodies notified to the European Commission pursuant to Article 20(2) of Directive 2013/11/EU on consumer ADR and Qualified Entities pursuant to Article 4 of the Representative Actions Directive (EU)2020/1828. For full details of eligible applicants please consult the call document.


EUR 1 000 000