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Horizon Europe EIE SCALEUP calls


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10 November 2021, 17:00 (CET)


Aims at establishing new links and joint programmes between business acceleration entities located in less connected innovation ecosystems and more developed ones located in regions with high innovation performance. Activities under this call will improve the quality of business acceleration services, their network outreach and scale-up support offered to start-ups.

Will support enhanced development of deep tech ecosystems around pan-European research and technology infrastructures to generate, scale and deploy breakthrough technologies with market and social value by piloting ways to seed the development of innovation ecosystems around diverse technological areas related to pan-European research and technology infrastructures.

A brand new initiative to tackle the innovation gender gap by supporting women leading deep tech start-ups at the early, formative stages of their company. Women TechEU offers first-class coaching and mentoring to female founders provided by the EIC’s “Women Leadership Programme" as well as financial support of  €75,000 to  help take their business to the next level.