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The GROW/HARVEST call aims at facilitating the cross-sectoral collaboration of SMEs in the construction sector with a grant of up to €60,000 per project.


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25 May 2022, 17:00 (CEST)


The METABUILDING project consortium will manage the open calls directed at SME’s that wish to engage in collaboration outside of their sector to bring innovation to the construction sector.

Innovation within the construction sector will be initially driven by outreach to 4 innovative and emerging industrial sectors: additive manufacturing, nature-based solutions, digital industry and circularity & recycling. Over time more and more sectors will be integrated to the innovation ecosystem.

The GROW/HARVEST call aims at stimulating the cross-sectoral collaboration of SMEs in the framework of innovative projects with a grant of maximum €60,000 per project. The collaborative projects should serve as a basis to help SMEs to learn from what is going on in other sectors and use knowledge, expertise and technology assets from other sectors to increase their performance and productivity.

Furthermore, the GROW/HARVEST call intends to stimulate EU-wide collaboration of SMEs to allow them to detect market opportunities and establish partnerships that they are not naturally prone to look for. Cross-border collaborations of 2 or more SMEs from different eligible countries are mandatory.

For more information, please visit METABUILDING's website.