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Stimulating Experimentation Practices - Interconnected Innovation Ecosystems (2023.2) (HORIZON-EIE-2023-CONNECT-02-01)


Publication date
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
21 September 2023, 17:00 (CEST)


The proposals should focus on the following activities:

· The identification of areas and the presentation of concrete topics where experimentation could facilitate the deployment of disruptive technologies by establishing a regulatory sandbox, living lab or, test bed;

· Awareness-raising and enhanced knowledge on the existing experimentation frameworks for testing innovation;

· Identify and scale up best practice examples of regulatory sandboxes, living labs, and test beds;

· Interconnect innovators with organisations that set up and promote experimentation activities;

· An action plan which will elaborate on how to implement a regulatory sandbox or living lab or test bed in order to examine the potential of an emerging technology;

· Creation or usage of networking and coordination structures and tools to facilitate innovation development and access to and sharing of best practices, resources, talents, markets, expertise, services and knowledge, including open and collaborative knowledge bases and common knowledge assets (methods, data, processes);

· Establishment of an experimentation space or cooperation with existing services in the identified priority area which will provide a technology assessment base line for future developments of the technology being tested;

· Clarify the usage of existing and the assignment of newly created intellectual property rights.

Target group(s)

Innovators, research and technological organisations, national and regional authorities, European Institute of Innovation and Technology Knowledge and Innovation Communities (EIT KICs), Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, regulators and other government bodies, non-government organisations (NGOs), and other civil society organisations.

Guidelines for applicants

Further information and guidelines for applicants are available on the European Innovation Ecosystems webpage.