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Capacity building of consumer organisations to empower consumer protection professionals (EISMEA/2023/OP/0023)


Publication date
Deadline date


General objective

The general objective of this call for tenders is to develop an effective approach to capacity building of consumer organizations and provide trainings to participating countries' consumer organisations and other stakeholders active in consumer policy at Union, national, regional and local level.

Specific objectives

The contractor shall carry out the tasks, building on contents and actions already delivered by the Consumer PRO project, with the following specific objectives:

  • Development of a concept to offer online, in person or hybrid training courses (i.e. seminars and workshops) for consumer organizations, and other professionals active in consumer policy.
  • Creation of relevant materials to support the training courses, keep its content updated and adapted to country-specific needs.
  • Making available and free of charge the training materials (in form of e-learning modules) to the public on the dedicated online platform (website).
  • Planning and implementation of effective communication activities with the aim of promoting the project, increasing participation and facilitating networking among specific audience of professionals.

The contract resulting from this call for tenders will be concluded for at most 48 months with an initial contract duration of at most 24 months and one possible renewal of at most 24 months. The maximum total amount for the initial contract term is EUR 2 000 000, the maximum total amount for the possible contract renewal is EUR 2 000 000.

For further information and to apply, please check the call in the Funding & tenders opportunities Portal.