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E-enforcement academy III (EISMEA/2023/OP/0016)

Call for Tenders - Services to develop and provide training in internet investigations to support the work of the Consumer Protection Cooperation (CPC) and Consumer Product Safety (CSN) networks


Publication date
Deadline date


General and Specific Objectives

The purpose of the contract is to provide, update and keep updated high-quality training and learning materials to support the work of national consumers protection authorities (CPC) and the network of authorities responsible for consumer product safety - Consumer Safety Network (CSN) with a view to create common tools and methods to face the challenges of online trade (e-enforcement). In addition, the activities should be driven to stimulate the training’ take-up by active support to trainees. The present contract is intended to be a follow-up of the service contracts 2015 86 04 and 2020 86 01 concerning the same services called "E-enforcement academy" and "E-enforcement academy II".

The maximum total amount of all purchases under this call for tenders is EUR 1.73 million for a contract duration of maximum 36 months.

For further information and to apply, please check the call in the Funding & tenders opportunities Portal.