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Ecosystem Partnerships and Co-investment Support


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European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency


EISMEA wishes to enter into a service contract to support the EIC beneficiaries (EIC supported projects and companies as well as EIC Seal of Excellence holders and innovators and companies coming from other European or national initiatives that have entered into an agreement with the EIC). EISMEA aims to procure services to help these beneficiaries deploy high-risk innovations and support their rapid scale-up from ideas to market. In particular, the services to be procured under this contract must help companies raise private capital to support their technology development, market deployment and scale-up, with a special focus on co-investments alongside the EIC Fund investment2 . The contract will also provide specialised acceleration support for the EIC beneficiaries by mapping, selecting and partnering with relevant, experienced EU market players, like accelerators and incubators.

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