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European Entrepreneurial E-learning Platform Helping SMEs to Adapt to the Current Context – Second Stage


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European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency


The objective of this call for tenders is to continue to develop, provide relevant content and maintain the entrepreneurial e-learning platform that is being developed under the pilot project since 2021, as well as provide relevant content to the existing EU Academy platform.

The platform developed under the pilot project is functional and can be visited under this hyperlink: Home | Entrepreneurship 4 All.

This call for tenders shall complement the current actions that support SMEs to fully enjoy the benefits of the Single Market and will support entrepreneurs facing the challenges posed by becoming more digital and sustainable. The e-learning platform shall aim to equip entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs with the right competences, mind-set, resilience and skills they need to adapt to a changing and difficult context. In order to help entrepreneurs to face the challenges posed by the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis and the current energy crisis and inflation, as well as by becoming more digital and sustainable, the e-learning platform shall offer flexible and interactive learning materials and training modules in the areas covered by the following competences: entrepreneurship, digital, financial literacy and sustainability. The e-learning offer shall answer the real needs of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs, such as: financial or management issues, sector-specific issues, issues deriving from becoming digital and sustainable, or achieving one’s full potential as entrepreneur, including when coming from more disadvantaged categories.

The contractor shall actively promote the platform and its content and seek to attract as many entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs as possible to take the trainings.


The maximum total amount of all purchases under this call for tenders is EUR 890 000.

The deadline is 13 July 2023, 10:00 CET.

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