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Ex-ante publicity for negotiated procedure for a low value contract

The procedure has been cancelled for the following reason: no tenders received. 


EISMEA/2021/LV/0002: Technical check of the procedure for product testing of Child Bicycle Seats under Specific Contract 2018 8502 (CASP 2019)
Publication date
Deadline date
Opening of tenders


Ex-ante publicity for negotiated procedure for a low value contract between EUR 15 000.01 and EUR 60 000.

Purpose of this contract is:

The present procurement concerns a negotiated procedure for low value contracts.

The purpose of the contract is to provide the following services: as provided in Article II.24 of the Framework contract for Services[1], a technical check (‘the check’) is required to examine and assess whether the applicable procedures for the testing of child bicycle seats, as part of the 2019 edition of the Coordinated Activities on the Safety for Products (the so-called product-specific activity, or PSA, on Child Bicycle Seats in CASP2019), were fully and correctly followed. More specifically, the check will cover the following aspects:

•   laboratory selection procedure,

•   subcontracting of laboratories and

•   application of the relevant clauses of the standards selected  for the tests.

The performance of the contract cannot start before its entry into force.

Estimated amount: 55.000,00 EUR

Estimated launch date (sending out the invitations): 14 September 2021

Estimated duration of the contract: approximatively 4 months from its signature

All economic operators interested in participating in this negotiated procedure may express their interest by e-mail to EISMEA-CONS-PROCUREMENTatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EISMEA-CONS-PROCUREMENT[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu) no later than 31.08.2021 at 24:00 CET.

Economic operators who do not express their interest before the deadline and to the address above will not be invited to submit an offer.

The expression of interest message should not include technical or financial elements of your future offer. Only candidates that will be directly invited at a later stage by EISMEA to submit tenders may participate in this procurement procedure.