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International Intellectual Property (IP) SME Helpdesks 2022


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European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency


The objective is to enter into five contracts to provide services for the Intellectual Property (IP) SME helpdesks in China (lot 1), South-East Asia (lot 2), Latin America (lot 3), India (lot 4). A separate lot will be devoted to purchasing assistance for the management of the IP Helpdesks website within the European environment (lot 5).Via the contracts for lots 1 to 4, the international IP SME Helpdesks will offer first-line advice and support to European SMEs wishing to operate in or influenced by markets outside of the EU. These services will offer practical business advice from experienced professionals (lawyers, business executives, IP investigators): in person, on-line, workshops, e-learning materials, trainings. The services will be provided both 'on the ground' to European SMEs already 'in country' and 'at home' in Europe, so that the relevant information on IP in the regions can be delivered where it is of most use, to serve European SMEs efficiently and effectively.

For more information visit the website of TED eTendering.