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Call for tendersOngoing

Pilot Action: Building Capacity for Tourism (EISMEA/2023/OP/0024)


Publication date
Deadline date
Opening of tenders


Estimated value excluding VAT: EUR 3 000 000

Maximum contract duration: 24 months

Type of procedure: Open

TED publication date: 08/03/2024

Deadline for receipt of tenders:  15/05/2024 10:00 Europe/Brussels

Call page on the Funding and Tenders Portal

Call page on TED (Ted Electronics Daily)

The general objective of the call is to enhance the competitiveness of tourism ecosystem by building capacity of tourism stakeholders, including SMEs, to successfully carry out the twin green and digital transition, and to boost innovation, resilience, sustainability, and quality along the tourism value chain.

The specific objectives are, firstly, to improve awareness about the existing funding opportunities, and secondly, to support the tourism ecosystem stakeholders, including tourism SMEs to successfully use and benefit from them.

The successful contractor will provide a number of services, including updating and completing “The Guide on EU funding for tourism”, providing an analysis and overview of the past 4 years of EU funding (2019 to 2022), creating tools, such as guides, guidelines, manuals as well as dedicated training possibilities, and disseminating information about funding opportunities relevant to the tourism ecosystem in a clear and easily understandable language.