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Strategic Use of Innovation Procurement to Open up Business Opportunities to the EIC Innovators


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The main goal of this tender is to set up (through a holistic approach) a support scheme that will offer increased market opportunities to EIC innovators, facilitating their access to procurement markets and contributing thus to their scaling up. In particular, this tender aims at implementing (inter-alia) the following actions:

  • creation and management of a community of public and private buyers interested in the solutions offered by the EIC innovators (beneficiaries)
  • enhancement of the capacity of public buyers to purchase innovative solutions to tackle public challenges, opening at the same time their procurement markets to SMEs and start-ups
  • piloting assistance offering to EIC beneficiaries to submit tenders in public and private sector procurements in Europe as well as at global level
  • enhancement of the capacity of the EIC beneficiaries to find business opportunities through procurement and take part as potential suppliers in bids in Europe as well as in non-EU countries through supporting measures such as the EIC Innovation Procurement toolkit (for suppliers in tenders), the EIC Innovation Procurement Academies (for the EIC beneficiaries)