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Support to Women Entrepreneurs (EISMEA/2023/OP/0017)


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European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency


This action will support the follow-up of the Commission’s SME Strategy, Gender Equality Strategy, New Skills Agenda and Digital Education Action Plan. The call for tenders encompasses data collection on challenges and barriers faced by women in entrepreneurship, as well as the organisation of a media campaign and events to promote girls and women in ESTEAM (STEM+Arts+Entrepreneurship).

General and Specific Objectives

The general aim of this call for tenders is to collect data on women’s entrepreneurship and organise a media campaign on promoting female role models for girls and women.

The objective of this call is twofold. The first objective is to collect, analyse and interpret in a systematic way the most recent data on women entrepreneurs in Europe, such as: the number of women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship rate per country, type of entrepreneurship, sector of activity, barriers influencing women’s entrepreneurship, policy measures and actions taken to support women entrepreneurs, etc. This data will be used to develop evidence-based policy and actions to support women entrepreneurs.

The second objective is to organise a media campaign on female role models that can inspire women and girls to study and take up careers in entrepreneurship, science and technology. These role models should be young female entrepreneurs that have overcome the barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and can teach girls and women how to be successful in business.

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