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Transition Pathways Stakeholders’ Support Platform: Implementation for the Textiles Ecosystem (EISMEA/2024/OP/0001)


Publication date
Deadline date


Estimated value excluding VAT: EUR 1 500 000

Type of procedure: open

Maximum contract duration: 36 months

TED publication date: 13/03/2024

Deadline for receipt of tenders:  13/05/2024 10:00 Europe/Brussels

For more information: Funding & tenders (


The general objective of the call is to provide the textiles ecosystem stakeholders with easy access to the knowledge, resources and connections/networks that support them in the transition to make the ecosystem and their operations more green, digital, resilient and competitive.

More specifically, the objectives are:

- to support the co-implementation process of the textiles ecosystem transition pathway based on an IT platform currently being developed for transitions pathways.

- to ensure content creation and updates, community activity support and facilitation processes for actors of the textiles ecosystem.

The textiles ecosystem community component of the platform will provide a user-friendly entry point for stakeholders to access actively updated information relevant for the transition pathway and its actions and provide means to connect with and work together with the members of the stakeholder community. More specifically it shall:

  • Provide an integrated access point to information and links to official and community resources relevant for the textiles ecosystem transition pathway and its actions, including funding opportunities and relevant legislative developments.
  • Provide constantly updated knowledge on ongoing projects, activities and events relevant for the transition pathway and its actions.
  • For an individual stakeholder, it shall ensure a possibility to search across several types of resources and receive individual alerts on relevant updates and events in their topics of interest and engage in discussions and practical exchanges with peers who work on similar challenges and contexts.
  • Provide means to connect with and work together with the members of the stakeholder community.
  • Link together resources and actors across the value chain of the textiles ecosystem thereby enhancing connections between actors with regards to the textiles ecosystem transition pathway and its actions.
  • Make it possible for stakeholders to share more effectively their project results with interested peers, thereby accelerating the dissemination of good practice and improving its reach towards actors who may make effective use of the practical examples.
  • It will support the implementation of the transition pathway for the textiles ecosystem and provide a key tool for monitoring and supporting the transition for the whole ecosystem.
  • It will support the collection, follow-up and sharing of stakeholder commitments and best practices exchange to support the implementation and monitoring of the textiles ecosystem transition pathway.