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News article16 April 20211 min read

CUTISS – Personalised skin technology to treat skin defects

Horizon 2020 INNOSUP project CUTISS AG awarded a grant of €2.5 million to automate the production process of their unique skin technology.

CUTISS AG is a Swiss biotechnology company that specialises in the production of individually customised human skin grafts, denovoSkin™. DenovoSkin™ starts from a small piece of a healthy patient’s skin, and it is expanded in vitro to create new skin tissue.  The process scales up the original skin at least 100 times, allowing the treatment of large skin defects such as burns. Transplantations with denovoSkin™ are expected to result in a minimal scarring outcome. Safety trials for denovoSkin™ have been completed and  the company is  conducting efficacy trials at various hospitals in Switzerland and the EU.

The Horizon 2020 SME instrument grant (now the EIC accelerator)  is used to set up and validate the automated production process SkinFactory 2.0 which will improve the scalability of denovoSkin™ project. Scalability is crucial to bring denovoSkin™ to commercialisation and reach the target of helping more than 1000 burn victims per year. SkinFactory 2.0 will be put to commercial use once Market Authorisation is granted. In the meantime, it will produce skin for patients involved in the clinical trials.

CUTISS already secured a Phase 1 SME Instrument grant in 2018. The Phase 2 project continues the work started in Phase 1, contributing the financial resources needed to advance the market readiness.

For more information about CUTISS AG and denovoSkin™ you can visit their website.


Publication date
16 April 2021