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News article25 March 2022European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency

DIGI-B-CUBE provides international and local support for its European beneficiaries

Along with direct financial support, INNOSUP-funded project DIGI-B-CUBE provides non-direct financial support to companies by bringing them to big international events where they can commercialise their products and meet relevant stakeholders.

Participation in the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai

In October 2021, four of the SMEs that received funding from the DIGI-B-CUBE project participated in the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, the world’s largest enterprise and government technology event. These startups were Alteria Automation, FlexSight, PandaWhale and Pixelabs. They had the opportunity to present their solutions to potential partners, which resulted, among other, in 2 invitations for acceleration programmes in the United Araba Emirates, 2 private investment processes initiated, 4 potential business-to-business and 3 R&D collaborations.

DIGI-B-CUBE at SLAS 2022 International Conference and Exhibition in Boston

Following this mission with excellent results, in February 2022, DIGI-B-CUBE financed a second trip of European SMEs to Boston for the SLAS2022 International Conference and Exhibition, a premier must-attend conference dedicated to life sciences discovery and laboratory automation, hosted by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening. This time, the DIGI-B-CUBE delegation included 13 beneficiaries from different European countries.

DIGI-B-CUBE team in front of a roll up at SLAS 2022
BIOND Solutions B.V. (Bi/ond), IMcoMET, Omnigen B.V., Respiro B.V., SG Papertronics B.V., ShanX Medtech B.V., DataHow AG, Integrated Systems Engineering Srl, KML VISION, NORGANOID, Loopdx, Sophion Bioscience A/S, Think Biosolution

These companies had the opportunity to showcase their latest products and services during the conference, and achieved 1 closed deal, 39 sales leads, 82 R&D collaboration opportunities, 3 co-marketing agreements, 2 investments and 3 acceleration opportunities.

DIGI-B-CUBE Final Conference and Consortium Meeting at the Health Valley Event 2022

After these successful international missions, DIGI-B-CUBE held its final conference and consortium meeting in the context of the Health Valley Event (HVE) 2022, from 15 to 17 March in Nijmegen, Netherlands. A hybrid event hosting 500 companies from 25 countries, dedicated to research, innovation and business in Life Sciences & Health. DIGI-B-CUBE beneficiaries had the chance to present their projects and products during pitching sessions and a dedicated booth for presenting their technologies and connect with other companies and potential investors.

There were 20 SMEs in total from DIGI-B-CUBE attending the event, which gathered more than 900 participants. The presented projects funded by DIGI-B-CUBE covered a wide variety of healthcare domains such as: plug-and-play microfluidic platform for 3D cell culture and organ-on-chip, smart breath testing, health sentinel for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients, first-in-class in vitro cellular immunoassay for bloodstream infection identification, digitalisation of COPD monitoring using smart wearable technology, liver disease biomarker screening using machine learning algorithms, 3D scanning and printing system of orthopedic casts, optimized digital treatment for preventing migraine.

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The DIGI-B-CUBE project, funded under the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Programme, has aimed to unlock the cross-sectoral collaborative potential of SMEs by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing Digital Technologies (CCDT) with the Bioimaging-Biosensing-Biobanking (B-CUBE) industries. The objective is to deliver market sensitive disruptive technologies and generate innovative solutions for patient-centred diagnostic work-flows, through improved algorithms for Medical Diagnostics’ efficiency and accuracy. By integrating IT innovations in into Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking industries, this project has accelerated the goal of personalised medicine that can eventually offer patients a fast and efficient diagnosis-treatment-healthcare system. DIGI-B-CUBE has funded a total of 31 projects, involving 73 different companies across Europe.

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25 March 2022
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency