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News article1 February 2023European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

Enhance your entrepreneurial skills with the upcoming EntreComp events

The EntreComp Community Café invites you to its series of events to explore a new topic in entrepreneurial education with discussions and interactive activities.

EntreComp Café

The EntreComp Community Café, an initiative supported by the COSME programme (a legacy programme managed by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency EISMEA of the European Commission), invites you to the upcoming session to improve your entrepreneurial skills:

14 February 2023 – Developing your entrepreneurial mindset

14 March 2023 – The evolving role of women entrepreneurs

18 April 2023 – Embracing sustainability

16 May 2023 – Exploring artificial intelligence in education

Consult the EntreComp Community website to receive more information about these and other upcoming events. Use the dedicated discussion forum to ask questions or give your feedback both before and after the events.

You can also retrieve information of past events organised which introduced The EntreComp Community platform, discussed what it means to be an EntreComp Champion, found meaningful ways to give back to those in need, and explored new resolutions and how to make them happen.

More information on the EntreComp Community and its Café

The EntreComp Community is a collaborative online learning platform, whose over 800 members want to inspire change and get to know more about the skills and resources they can share and develop together. It was set up in October 2022 as a way to break through the discussion boards, see each other, and most importantly of all, talk with each other.

The EntreComp Community Café is organised by ‘Achieving Synergies and Champions in the Implementation of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework’, otherwise known as EntreComp Synergies, an initiative of the European Union (EISMEA/2021/OP/0002).

This is not the first iteration of a Café event for entrepreneurial learning, as events have previously been hosted by EntreCompEdu and EntreComp Europe. Each month they look at a new topic to spark entrepreneurial learning. With interactive activities and expert presentations, they also invite participants to take the floor and share their own experiences.


Publication date
1 February 2023
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency