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News article19 May 2023European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

EU-funded Food-scalEUp project to map agri-food digital acceleration ecosystems and needs

Food-scalEUp project

10 partner organisations of the Horizon Europe-funded Food-scalEUp project conducted a cross analysis of their agri-food digital acceleration ecosystems in order to create a directory of key players and a portfolio of available programmes for start-up acceleration, at European level.

This is just a preliminary step for the creation of the Food-scalEUp agri-food acceleration network, a map of actors and acceleration programmes available for start-ups at regional and European level.

The directory is intended to become a tool available on the Food-scalEUp website and will be open to other acceleration and innovation ecosystems at the end of May 2023.

Identifying the needs of agri-food innovation companies

In a similar way, the Food-scalEUp project conducted a survey of about 70 European start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs. They identified a series of improvement points and recommendations.

All these profiles benefited from acceleration services in the last three years and were start-ups, scale-ups or innovative SMEs focused on agri-food and digital solutions. Based on the findings of the consulted end-users of acceleration services, they identified a set of six areas for improvement.

The analysis of their agri-food digital acceleration ecosystems will be available soon. Keep an eye on the Food-scalEUp website.

Background information

Expanding the European agri-food digital innovation ecosystem’s capacity is a priority for 10 organisations that form Food-scalEUp, funded under the European Innovation Ecosystems programme, is focusing on emerging and moderate innovator regions. The Food-scalEUp project aims at fostering collaboration of structures that boost digital agri-food acceleration programmes and services at regional level. Food-scalEUp, thus encourages policy dialogues, mutual learning exercises and explores business opportunities for the development of innovative start-ups and SMEs.

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