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News article3 March 20212 min read

EU SME Centre: Paving the way for European SMEs in China

As of October 2020, EU SME Centre has entered into a new phase to increase the presence and development of EU SMEs business activities in China.

China is an important market for international trade and investment, and it provides many business opportunities to European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. However, to penetrate this market successfully, companies must be aware about the local rules and conditions and overcome many potential risks and obstacles. 

For the past ten years, the EU SME Centre has played a fundamental role in assisting and supporting SMEs from the European Union with market entry or business development in China. Only during Phase II, its expert team advised on more than 2 000 enquiries coming from EU SMEs needing support on their Chinese adventure. 

The Phase III of this initiative is now funded under COSME, which opens the way to new synergies with other EU actions aiming to support the internationalisation of SMEs. Over the next eighteen months, the EU SME Centre will continue to focus on: 

  • assisting European SMEs in assessing their readiness to enter the Chinese market, advising on opportunities and risks of establishing and developing a commercial presence in the Chinese market (through exports, investments or both);
  • improving synergies and sharing best-practices at the European, national and regional business association levels, with the ultimate goal to benefit the EU SMEs intending to do business in China;
  • strengthening European advocacy of the EU business community, related to business activities.

The EU SME Centre platform is a great starting point for SMEs, as it provides plenty of useful tools and resources. It offers engaging trainings, events and workshops, both online and offline. 

Users will also have access to a regularly updated library of publications, which includes reports and articles on insights of the Chinese market, together with policy updates, potential business opportunities and analysis of the challenges for SMEs in China. 

Finally, SMEs can get tailored advice from experienced experts, able to support European businesses in four main areas: business development, standards and conformity, law, and human resources.

Additionally, the EU SME Centre will further develop or create  synergies with other relevant EU business support initiatives, such as the Enterprise Europe Network, the SME IPR Helpdesk in China and the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), looking to contribute further to the successful development of European SMEs in China.

If you are interested in what the EU SME Centre has to offer, register today and benefit from their full range of services!

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Publication date
3 March 2021