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News article24 May 2024European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency3 min read

EYE Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 Award

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (well known as EYE) is one of the most successful initiatives managed by EISMEA. This exchange programme for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs counts with more than 150 local Intermediary Organisations, operating in almost 40 European countries, and has supported more than 12.000 established exchanges between new and host entrepreneurs. 

At their 32nd Network Meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 10 and 11 April 2024, it was made clear, once more, how much this EYE programme serves as a learning tool and networking hub for its participants – entrepreneurs and beneficiaries alike. On this occasion, the network participants decided on the EYE Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 Award winnerThis competition underlines the essence of the EYE programme, showcases innovative projects and aims to promote the EYE through its success stories.  This year, three entrepreneurs were invited to pitch. 

We are proud to announce that the winner of the 2024 award is fragrance designer Ramunė Gvozdaitė.

Her company, Bonodora, leads sensory marketing with innovative scent branding. In short, they create fragrances for brands. The project took off thanks to the EYE exchange with Tilman Sole and Mucho agency in Spain.  Utilizing AI technology, Ramune curated a collection of 12 visually captivating fragrance cards, empowering clients to co-create bespoke scent solutions. 

Bonodora now offers the possibility of developing a captivating brand identity and sensory experience. Their unique approach to scent branding has not only delivered exceptional results, but also driven engagement and differentiation in competitive markets, a testament to their innovative spirit and commitment to excellence. 

Ramunė's words certainly show the impact EYE's experience had on her entrepreneurial journey: 

I got the most out of it. And the thing that I am the proudest of is our innovative methodology to involve our customers in creating fragrances. Join the programme!

Ramunė Gvozdaitė

Watch her story and learn more on her EYE adventure

This exchange was facilitated by the local EYE contacts points European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute, ESEISI/Lithuania, and Camara Oficial de Comercio, Industria, Servizos e Navigación de Santiago de Compostela, COCISNS/Spain. 

The Network also congratulates the two other finalists, Narek Khalafyan and Ricardo Domínguez, for their successful stories during their entrepreneurial journeys from Armenia to Romania and from Spain to the USA in 2023. 

Narek Khalafyan is founder of Sevan Print House from Armenia. His company provides diverse printing technologies and services, such as Digital, InkJet, ecosolvent, scan and lamination. Through the EYE programme, in collaboration with Daisler Print House in Romania, Narek gained transformative insights of the business, which led him to structural improvements for his company and a focus on innovation. 

Participation in the programme also had a considerable influence on his personal development. Narek puts it this way: 

The programme gave me inspiration. If you are inspired, you get through everything.

Narek Khalafyan

The exchange between Narek and Daniel Daisler, was supported by the local EYE contacts points Jinishian Memorial Foundation, Armenia and Fundatia Danis pentru Dezvoltare Manageriala, Romania.

Ricardo Domínguez is the creator of, which assists international companies in establishing a strong brand presence in Spain through localization strategies, marketing copywriting, and tailored services. The EYE program gave him invaluable experiences, including living in New York, the marketing world capital, and working alongside influential figures like Mike Michalowicz.

Ricardo was hosted by Kelsey Ayres at Obsidian Launch LLC, USA. 

He summarises his experience like this: 

Use the programme to further develop your own idea and to develop a network. 

Ricardo Domínguez

The exchange was facilitated by the local EYE contacts points Fundacion Equipo Humano, Spain and Unioncamere Veneto, Italy. 

EISMEA thanks the EYE Support Office and, in particular, the local Intermediary Organisations Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, The European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute, and Connecting Dots (CD), having organised this 32nd EYE Network Meeting and having provided the platform for these successful entrepreneurs to meet and network. We also thank all the rest of applicants who have applied to this competition but didn’t succeed. Not being successful is part of an entrepreneurial journey. Keep on going! 

To learn more about the programme and meet this year’s finalists and their testimonials, please visit the EYE website.