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News article27 May 2022European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read

Get Digital: Go Green and Be Resilient

Promote your digital solution on a Europe-wide platform and get support to scale your business.

The Russian aggression against Ukraine has refocused international efforts on energy dependence and supply chain resilience. In this context the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, alongside the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency, and DIGITAL SME with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network, will create a catalogue of leading European businesses with use cases for a more resilient industry.

Through our initiative, we will highlight digital solutions and business models that may offer high-impact solutions to decrease dependence on oil, gas and external raw materials, as well as increase resilience in the global supply chain. If you are a start-up or SME from the EU, Ukraine, Moldova or Georgia with an innovative digital solution in a related field, please sign up.

Kerstin Jorna, Director-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs said: 

“We need to actively support SMEs to accelerate the digital transition. Through the ‘Get Digital’ workshop series, we aim to ensure leading digital SMEs in Europe, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia can use the Single Market to scale digital solutions that help all our industries, including our many SMEs, become greener and more resilient. Our Single Market is the best lever to promote digitalisation and help our industries to thrive in today’s global context.

Why should my business participate?

We will help you

  • promote your innovative digital business model and increase your business exposure
  • get information and advice on access to finance, business support such as mentoring advice, IP registration and protection, sustainability advice and digitalisation support services etc. from specific European Business and innovation support services
  • get information, advice and support for access to finance, IP registration and protection, sustainability, digitalisation, access to European business and innovation support services, and mentoring
  • receive tailored support from European business and innovation support services based on your company needs, if selected by the Jury
  • match with other companies from across the continent
  • learn about and get inspired by some of the leading solutions in the digital ecosystem
  • mainstream and promote your digital solution to traditional industry (e.g., through matchmaking)
  • find help to tackle key business obstacles and barriers when attempting to scale your digital business solution
  • inform policymakers about your company-specific needs

Get started

You can submit your solution to the catalogue, allowing you to participate in two workshops.

The first ‘Get Digital: Go Green’ workshop will focus on digital solutions that may reduce overall energy consumption within business operations.

The second ‘Get Digital: Be Resilient’ workshop will zoom in on digital solutions supporting the supply chain resilience of European industry.

Our digital catalogue

We will feature all submitted digital business solutions in the exclusive digital catalogue (see links below). The catalogue will close on the 31 August 2022.

A jury made up of independent investment and business managers will select the most impactful submissions who will get the opportunity to present at the workshops. These companies will receive tailored coaching from experts of SME support services funded by relevant EU programmes based on the needs of each company’s project. 

We will also organise webinars for all companies included in the catalogue to present the main SME support services offered by the EU. The webinars will inform companies on how to get in touch with the experts who provide such services and can help facilitate the mainstreaming of their businesses’ solutions. 

Sign up