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News article13 December 2021European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency

INNOSUP funded Project DIVA awarded “Les étoiles de l’Europe” prize from the French Ministry of Research

The Horizon 2020-INNOSUP-1 funded project DIVA, which concluded in March 2021, focused on the emergence and development of technological innovations in the agricultural and agri-food sectors.

MESRI-02122021-Les-Etoiles-de-l-EUROPE-023 v2

In total, DIVA supported with €2.7 million from European Commission grant, 134 projects involving 180 SMEs or start-ups located in 9 European countries. In addition to that, the projects received €8.4 million of private investment, representing a leverage effect of 3:1 for the investment of the European Commission. Eventually, these projects developed 124 new products or services, and filled 10 patents.

Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, coordinator of DIVA, recently received “Les étoiles de l’Europe” Trophy from the French Ministry of Research during the forum of Horizon Europe in Paris. This prize aims to reward and enhance the European commitment of the teams who have distinguished themselves by the success of their projects, highlighting their work and encouraging their colleagues to apply for European funding. Furthermore, it is an excellent recognition of DIVA’s actions to support SME led innovative projects in agriculture and agri-food.

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Publication date
13 December 2021
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency