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News announcement15 June 20211 min read

The Pathfinder Challenge calls worth €132 million are open

EIC Pathfinder Challenges build on cutting-edge directions in science and technology to create new market opportunities.

For each Challenge, the EIC will support a carefully crafted portfolio of projects that jointly explore different perspectives, competing approaches or complementary aspects of the Challenge. Stepping up the EIC proactive management approach, the EIC Programme Managers will steer their Challenge portfolio, keeping it focused on the highest risk science-to-technology path with the highest gain in innovation potential.

With its five Pathfinder Challenges for the 2021 call, EIC invites you to bring together the best in science and engineering to crack some of the toughest nuts in key areas of future technologies. It calls for high-risk/high-gain research and development, venturing into new interdisciplinary areas. Success will pave the way for innovation, not just from a specific application but ultimately sweeping across industrial and societal sectors.


Publication date
15 June 2021