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News article26 February 2024European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency1 min read

The Study on up- and reskilling policy initiatives supporting Pact for Skills is now published

Read the report and find out about their key success factors and best practices

Up- and reskilling activities represent a top priority for the EU. As stated by the European Skills Agenda, skills policies and actions are shared between many actors, and there is a strong potential to boost joint action to maximise the impact of skills investment. Skills partnerships under the Pact for Skills bring together stakeholders to implement concrete up- and reskilling actions. 

The recently published study Pact for Skills: Analysing of up- and reskilling policy initiatives and identifying best practices aims to understand better how up- and reskilling policy actions function and what creates their success or failure. The study focuses on those actions where businesses, including SMEs, play an active role. 

The main focus of the study is the analysis of the key success factors, specifically identifying which factors have the highest impact on the performance of up- and reskilling initiatives and which (combinations of) building blocks allow for creating the most impactful ones. The analysis also focuses on the roles of specific stakeholder groups in maximising the success of such initiatives.

Moreover, the study identified best practices: 47 initiatives from 36 countries (both EU and non-EU) are present in the report, for which a benchmarking exercise was performed to identify 'the best of the best', aiming at the extraction of lessons learned and the development of policy recommendations. 

The report includes synthetic summaries on up- and reskilling landscapes in 39 countries. In addition, it incorporates recommendations applicable to different levels of policymaking, including EU, national, and regional/local levels. They aim to provide practical suggestions on advancing up- and reskilling-related policy development and implementation.


Publication date
26 February 2024
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency