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The Innovation in SMEs programme (INNOSUP) was part of Horizon 2020 and a number of its projects will continue until 2024


The Horizon 2020 “Innovation in SMEs” (INNOSUP) programme aims to test new approaches for better innovation support through funding opportunities for innovation actors across Europe. It consists of innovation-support measures designed to provide opportunities to Member States and regions to enhance their services to SMEs through collaboration, peer-learning, and testing new approaches that facilitate SMEs’ access to customers, capital and competencies; the latter especially in the domains of business, innovation and intellectual asset management.

Its ultimate goal is hence to help strengthen the dynamism and the resilience of the SME innovation ecosystem in Europe, though INNOSUP Actions generally operate as pilots to test out particular approaches.

Calls are, generally, directed to intermediaries that nurture and support innovative SMEs, such as innovation agencies, industrial clusters, and innovation associations of different kinds and from different sectors. Some of the calls are also directly targeted at SMEs (final beneficiaries), while others are intended to support existing European innovation-support schemes (e.g. the Enterprise Europe Network).

Currently, the INNOSUP actions fall under the European Innovation Ecosystem. 

Information about past projects managed under the previous agency (EASME) can be found on the legacy legacy  website.

Funding opportunities

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Project results

projects coordinated
€ 160 million
invested into Innosup projects
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Projects funded by INNOSUP

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  • Report
  • European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency

This report presents how the INNOSUP-04 action promoted the development of a European-led model of Workplace innovation amongst SMEs through its projects.

  • Report
  • European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency

This report from the Innovation Growth Lab brings together analysis and key findings from thirteen projects who were chosen to break new ground in many agencies by applying experimental approaches to innovation policy.