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Internal market

Making the internal market more effective


Making the internal market more effective, by supporting the development, implementation and enforcement of Union law covering goods and services, including the free movement of capital and financial services; and effective market surveillance throughout the Union;                                  

The Agency will be responsible for implementing  selected parts of the work programme that aim to make the internal market more effective and enable the financing of European standardisation and stakeholder participation. They include:
Procurement actions for the support of mutual recognition in the area of goods. Contracts could cover awareness-raising campaigns, education and training, exchange of officials and of best practices. 

A number of grants in the areas of market surveillance and enforcement including for: 

  • EU Product Compliance Network - to enhance the implementation of national market surveillance strategies;
  • market surveillance campaigns, including resources and equipment, IT tools and training to strengthen the operational market surveillance capacities of authorities;
  • the establishment and functioning of Union testing facilities, instruments of international cooperation and technical or scientific expertise to support the functioning of the EU Product Compliance Network;
  •  joint enforcement actions to enhance cooperation and coordination among Member States and/or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries which are members of the European Economic Area (EEA) with regard to market surveillance activities.