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Active reserve lists

Temporary agents

GradePostType of procedureReferenceExpiration date
AST3IT AssistantCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AST/2020/01231/12/2022
AD5Senior Financial AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2017/00531/12/2021
 Senior Project Adviser H2020 Raw materialsCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2018/01231/12/2021
 Work Environment CoordinatorCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2018/02931/12/2021
 Senior Financial AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/02531/12/2021
 Senior Project AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/009 31/12/2021
 Senior Communication AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/009 31/12/2021
 Internal Control OfficerCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/01931/12/2021
 Senior Project AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/02431/12/2022
 Senior Project AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/03231/12/2022
 Senior Project AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2020/00931/12/2022
AD7Team Leader LegalCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/00631/12/2021
 Head of Sector Industry, Products and ConsumersCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/02031/12/2021
 Head of Sector Outreach and Engagement Call for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/01131/12/2021
 Head of Sector IT, Logistics and SupportCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2019/05031/12/2021
 Assistant to the DirectorCall for Expression of InterestEASME/AD/2021/00431/12/2022

Contract agents

GradePostType of procedureReferenceExpiration date
FGIIAdministrative AssistantCall for Expression of InterestEASME-CHAFEA-INEA/INTER-AGENCY/II/2020/0131/12/2022
FGIIIHR OfficerCall for Expression of InterestEASME/III/2016/00231/12/2021
 IT OfficerCall for Expression of InterestEASME/III/2017/00431/12/2021
 Financial OfficerCASTEASME-CAST/III/2019/01431/12/2021
 Financial OfficerCall for Expression of InterestEASME/III/2019/03731/12/2021
 Internal Control AssistantCall for Expression of InterestEASME/III/2019/02731/12/2021
 Administrative Officer – Call Coordination Support CASTEASME-CAST/III/2019/034 31/12/2022
 Project Officer - Communication: Branding, Marketing and PromotionCall for Expression of InterestEASME/FGIII/2020/00331/12/2022
 Project OfficerCall for Expression of InterestEASME/III/2020/02531/12/2022
FGIVHR AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2018/00431/12/2021
 Legal AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2017/01631/12/2021
 Project Adviser in Environment and ResourcesCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2017/01331/12/2021
 Project Adviser CASTEASME-CAST/IV/2019/00231/12/2021
 Procurement AdviserCASTEASME-CAST/IV/2018/05631/12/2021
 Project AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2018/03431/12/2021
 Project AdviserCASTEASME-CAST/IV/2018/03031/12/2021
 Project AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2018/04231/12/2021
 Project Adviser - Membership management   Call for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2019/02631/12/2021
 Project Adviser in the field of Energy EfficiencyCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2019/02131/12/2021
 Financial AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2019/03131/12/2021
 Project Adviser in the field of Climate ActionCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2019/03331/12/2021
 Project Adviser in Raw materialsCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2019/003 31/12/2021
 Project Adviser LIFECall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2019/00431/12/2021
 Project Adviser Call for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2019/016  31/12/2021
 Project AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2019/03531/12/2022
 Communication AdviserCall for Expression of InterestEASME-REA-CHAFEA/IV/2020/00731/12/2022
 Project Adviser – IT portfolioCall for Expression of InterestEASME-CHAFEA-REA/IV/2020/01431/12/2022
 HR Adviser (Analytics and Reporting)Call for Expression of InterestEASME/IV/2020/03331/12/2022

Please note that the validity of the reserve lists is not impacted by the reorganization of EASME. The reserve lists will continue to be valid after the 1 April 2021 and can be used by the European Innovation Council and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Executive Agency (EISMEA).