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European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)

Selection procedures - indicative planning

Ongoing selections

Profile Reference number Grade Deadline for applying Reserve list* Status
Financial Adviser EISMEA/IV/2022/008 FGIV 25/03/2022 15 Ongoing


Past selections

Profile Reference number Grade Deadline for applying Reserve list Status
Assistant to the Director EASME/AD/2021/004 AD7 12/04/2021 Established Completed
Head of Sector Tech to Market Activities EISMEA/AD/2021/016 AD7 06/07/2021 Established Completed
Financial Investment Adviser EISMEA/IV/2021/008 FGIV 22/06/2021 Established Completed
I3 Project Adviser EISMEA/IV/2021/010 FGIV 22/06/2021 Established Completed
Data and Foresight Analysis Project Adviser EISMEA/IV/2021/015 FGIV 07/07/2021 Established Completed
Place-Based Innovation Ecosystems Project Adviser EISMEA/IV/2021/011 FGIV 22/06/2021 Established Completed
Financial Investment Officer EISMEA/III/2021/014 FGIII 16/07/2021 Established Completed
Head of Sector Procedures, Reporting and Budget EISMEA/AD/2021/025 AD7 13/09/2021 Established Completed
EIC Programme Manager EISMEA/AD/2021/006 AD9-AD11 30/09/2021 Established Completed
Tech to Market Project Adviser EISMEA/IV/2021/030 FGIV 10/11/2021 Established Completed
Team Leader Internal and Ex-post Controls EISMEA/AD/2021/024 AD7 22/12/2021 Established Completed
Business Acceleration Services (BAS) Project Adviser EISMEA/IV/2021/031 FGIV 10/11/2021 Established Completed
Senior Legal Adviser EISMEA/AD/2021/023 AD6 17/12/2021 Established Completed
EIC Pathfinder Project Adviser EISMEA/IV/2022/002 FGIV 31/01/2022 Established Completed
Financial Officer EISMEA/III/2022/001 FGIII 03/02/2022 Established Completed
IT Assistant EISMEA/AST/2022/004 AST3 07/02/2022 Established Completed
Assistant to the Head of Department C EISMEA/IV/2022/003 FGIV 09/02/2022 Established Completed

* The maximum number of candidates to be placed on the reserve list may change depending on recruitment needs.

Selection procedures will be published on EU CV online.

Last update 27/04/2022