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European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA)
Support to SMEs

Helping SMEs make the most of business opportunities
with a budget of €1 billion for 2021-2027


The SME pillar of the Single Market Programme will first ensure the continuity of the implementation of the most impactful actions of the COSME programme, in particular supporting a better access to markets, a more favourable business environment and promoting entrepreneurship. It aims to foster the competitiveness, capacity building and sustainability of enterprises, especially SMEs, including the tourism sector.

It will implement the SME strategy in the context of industrial ecosystems, the SME components of the Industrial Strategy and the Small Business Act, taking due account of the context in which SMEs operate, captured by the SME Performance Review and the considerations of the SME Envoy Network.

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The final conference of the Technical Assistance Facility for Industrial Modernisation and Investment (TAF) took place on Thursday 18 November 2021. The event gave over 70 participants the chance to exchange and learn about the process of developing and financing interregional investment projects.